Tamil Kuzhambu Recipes

Assortment of South Indian Kuzhambu plans for rice. For the most part individuals of Tamil nadu love to make various assortments of kuzhambu plans for their lunch. We could do without to eat a similar sambar, vathal kulambu or rasam regular.

In my home, both mother and MIL make somewhere around 7 assortments of kulambu for seven days. In some cases we make kuzhambu without tamarind as well. They don’t rehash something very similar essentially for 10 days.
For my MIL’s kulambu assortments, few tsp of our hand crafted sambar powder is all you really want.

There are no or exceptionally less crushing work. Though my mother’s kuzhambu assortments make them grind work however it tastes flavourful and amazing as the vast majority of them are newly ground with Nellai/Tirunelveli contact. Both are totally disparate in methodology and taste.

The greater part of these kuzhambu plans I shared here are without coconut. Here I have given almost 70+ Vegan kulambu/flavors plans of my mother and MIL under one page for simple and speedy reference. A large portion of these flavors are straightforward and simple to make for amateurs and lone rangers as well.

Among these 75 sauces, you can observe assortments of lunch sambar plans and brahmin style arachuvitta sambar. Comparably you can find assortments of Vathal kuzhambu like sundakkai vatha kuzhambu, Poondu kuzhambu, Puli kuzhambu, Manathakkali vatha kuzhambu, ennai kathrikai kuzhambu, brinjal masala kuzhambu without tamarind, Chettinad Pakoda kuzhambu, thakkali kuzhambu, kara kuzhambu plans alongside an Iyengar style milagu kuzhambu formula, paruppu urundai kuzhambu.

Other than this, you can likewise find mor kuzhambu, paruppu urundai kuzhambu, Poricha kuzhambu without tamarind, bittergourd/Pavakkai pitlai, Vazhaipoo kulambu, kovakkai masala kuzhambu,Yam sauce, pumpkin and edge gourd flavors as well.
I have additionally added some Andhra , Kerala and Karnataka Kuzhambu assortments for rice. If it’s not too much trouble, click on the image to see the particular formula. I have given the vast majority of the plans with bit by bit pictures.

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