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A Common Tamil Lunch is an efficient arrangements of menu to go with the super South Indian staple “rice” and serving food in banana leaf is an exceptional custom in the vast majority of the southern states like Karnataka,kerala and Andhra.

As a South-Indian am more used to this sort of “Thali valai illai sappadu”(banana leaf lunch)whether it’s a basic capacity at home or a great marriage the food varieties served in banana leaf is a must.The more extensive piece of the leaf should be on the right hand side and subsequent to setting the leaf it is sprinkled with water and cleaned before serving.

After completing the supper we should close the leaf from top end shut over the base and this implies that you have partaken in the full feast however never close the leaf from base over the top it shows a sort of lack of respect both to the food and individuals who have cooked it and served.
Those days we won’t utilize seats and tables we use to sit on a coir mat spread on the floor and the stupendous feast will be served on those greeny leaves.

Our precursors set everything with an explanation like eating on the floor we use to twist and have food with our hands so we have better assimilation and flexibility.

Banana leaves are dispensable simple clean work and its eco-accommodating too that is the justification for why our ancestors utilized it with next to no decisions in light of the fact that no plastics or any material plates were accessible around then which were added benefit to them to be solid however these days we have loads of choices and our wellbeing has become more unsafe and weak.

Uses of banana leaves are boundless for serving food as well as in various types of cooking.The hot food served in a banana leaf is more valuable that it snatches every one of the supplements from the leaf making the food considerably more scrumptious.
basic indian food plans for lunch/tamil lunch menu
A commonplace lunch menu is in a request that we will initially have a basic dal with ghee then comes the sambar, kootu,rasam,curd (or mor) will be the genuine request ordinarily finishing with a sweet and a banana!Then and there licking the pickle for additional punch obviously poriyal(stir fry) and dry fries,applams are added to the servings.This is supposed to be a generous supper satisfying the psyche and soul.In our place we have our desserts served first with banana and a typical sweet served is sweet boondi(using besan)and many would eat boondi independently and hardly any will blend it in with ready banana and eat with a decent bit of ghee in it,then the rice servings begins as usual.For me I like this boondi banana combination particularly in my youth days however not much nowadays I love it to have separately.Karakulambu is likewise served alongside this menu as I did both mor kulambu and kootu didn’t add this to my menu.

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